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Drogarati Cave

The Drogarati Cave is one of the most stunning sites on Kefalonia’s island. This natural wonder is made up of a network of caves and chambers, which have been created by centuries of erosion. This cave, which is 60 meters deep, was discovered by an earthquake over 300 years ago. It is believed to be approximately 100,000,000 years old. Despite being severely damaged by earthquakes, stalactites can still be seen hanging from the ceiling. They make amazing shapes. It is often host to amazing cultural events because of its incredible acoustics. Kefalonia is not complete without a concert.

The Drogarati cave is founded in the northwest of Kefalonia near Sami. These caves are stunning with amazing stalactites, stalagmites, and other natural features. They discover for the first time in 1951 and have been a popular tourist attraction ever since. The cave explores on foot by visitors. They offer a unique view of the natural world in Kefalonia.

Even though it suffered severe damage from earthquakes, stalactites hang from the ceiling and create amazing shapes. These stalactites take on a new shape as water drops fall on them and they solidify over time.

What is the appearance of Drogarati Cave?

Cave Drogarati is an impressive cave due to its size. It measures 95m deep and allows visitors to walk along the well-constructed corridors and staircases. It is easy to access and affords a spectacular view of the entire cave.

The Chamber of Exaltation is the main hall of the cave. It is huge! It measures approximately 65 by 45 meters and is 20 meters high.

Drogarati cave can be walked around easily as it is not too steep. Compared to this, many caves in Greece or the Greek islands are nearly vertical.

Incident of Drogarati Homes Destroy stalagmites and stalactites

Cave Drogarati is home to many beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. Many of them destroy by earthquakes over the years. There are still many of them. These amazing formation forms when water drops from the ceiling and falls to the ground.

Calcium carbonate, also called calcite, is the main mineral found in stalagmites or stalactites. This mineral causes water to eventually harden and form the formation.

The water’s level in organic compounds and minerals affects their color. There are many colors for stalagmites and stalactites.

These sensitive structure stops growing if you touch them. Because skin oils can block the new deposits from adhering to the surface, this is why it is important to pay attention. When you’re walking, be aware.

Concerts at Drogarati Cave


Its amazing acoustics will be apparent immediately. You can hear people whispering across the Chamber. There have been performances by popular Greek artists such as Maria Callas or Maria Farantouri.

This brief video shows one of these concerts. The lights are beautifully reflected in the cave walls. There are very few caves that I know of that have been used as concert venues.

The natural splendour of the structures

The minerals that make up the bedrock under which they grow are responsible for their different colors. Rainwater flows through the bedrock and falls to the ground, creating stalactites that grow from the roof. This creates layers of lime deposits. This process creates stalagmites by forming a layer of limestone deposits at the bottom of the cave.

As they might grow in a different way, it is best to avoid touching the stalactites. If you touch them, skin oil may remain on them and cause future calcification. This can also change their color.

Speleologists discovered an extension to the cave that isn’t accessible. However, it believes there may be a connection with several other caves located in the vicinity.

Amazing acoustics of Drogarati Caves

Because, you can enter Drogarati cave to see the impressive natural platform called the “royal balconies”, which overlooks the main chamber. Thanks to the amazing acoustics, you will also be able to sing any song and feel like you are an opera singer. The Drogarati was the venue for their unforgettable concert.

Drogarati Caves Tours are Available

The Standard Tour allows you to view the caves in their entirety and is relatively simple. The Classic Tour, which takes you through the most difficult parts of the cave, is more difficult. However, it is definitely worth taking if you are up for a challenge.

The Royal Balcony, a natural platform made of stalactites, is the only place that shines light inside this amazing cave. The visitor can see tiny lights illuminating the cave from there, making it a very colorful place. You can also access two chambers from the entrance: The Chamber of Exaltation with its great acoustics and an elongated corridor leading up to it via a colored area called ‘Chamber B,’ which can hold 500 people.

How to Get to Drogarati Caves and Melissani Lake?

Sami is near the Drogarati Caves and Melissani Lake. Because buses don’t run often, it is better to arrange your own transportation. You can also visit both on a day trip with your tour guide. Directions to the Drogarati Caves, Amari Villa

Frequently asked questions

Kefalonia Greece Melissani-Drogarati Caves Bike tour

What has made Kefalonia famous?

Myrtos Beach and Melissani Lake are two of the most popular attractions in Kefalonia. It was also the location for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, a Hollywood movie.

What makes Cave Drogarati unique?

Drogarati Cave also reaches in 10 minutes from Kefalonia’s Sami port. You can either check out the public bus routes or book one of the coach tours to Kefalonia if you don’t own transport.

In Drogarati Cave, is swimming permitted?

Drogarati Cave is not accessible by water, so you will have to walk around it. You can also swim at a few beaches near Drogarati. Antisamos is the closest beach, a beautiful pebbly sandy beach with breathtaking natural beauty.

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