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Wordle was one of the biggest success stories of the year, moving from nowhere into The New York Times within a matter of a month. Mathler is a maths-based game that you should check out if you are more interested in numbers than words.

It is a blatant copy of Wordle from its design, its colour scheme and the way it shares results on social media. So, it proudly boasts that it is a daily maths puzzle that Wordle inspired at the top of its page.

Although they are similar in concept, Wordle is a little more difficult. Either that, or we are just not good with numbers.

What is a Mathler?

Mathler can be used to guess words inspired by Wordle. Mathler is named after the word “math”. It presents a new challenge every day to its participants. The hidden calculation presents to the players every day. Each successive guess will result in a shift in the tile’s colour to reflect this fact. It is also now available for you to participate in all the exciting activities.


  • Visuals that are vivid but limited to the two dimensions they occupy.
  • This game pushes you to your limits, but it is also easy to master.
  • Use your intuition to control.

How to play Mathler Wordle?

You don’t need to create an account or log into to play this Maths and mathematical equations game. You can play this game on your mobile device or on your browser on a PC. This page contains all the information you need to play the Math puzzle.

  • Open the official website
  • You will now have three-mode (Mini Math ler has six squares, Classic Math ler has eight squares, and Instant Math ler has 8. All symbols and Math givens are available. You just need to arrange them in the right position and pro Math ler.
  • You can guess the Math ler in six attempts, depending on which mode you have chosen.
  • Each guess must contain valid 5, 6, 8, 8 Maths and equation symbols. To submit, hit the Enter button
  • Each guess will result in the tile’s colour changing to reflect how close you were to the Math.

The Rule

Any combination that can either be written 20+7+3 or 3+7+20 are valid. This game allows players to challenge their friends and provides a colourful visual representation of their attempt sequences without divulging the actual numbers. You can play endless game any day.

Each player has six chances to solve the puzzles and find the secret mathematical formula. Because after each repetition, a new colour will be added to final results. If you see an orange box, it means that the operator/number is in the equation but not at the right spot. A grey box denotes the presence of an operator/number in the equation, but not in its solution. You can also try it right now!

Where to Play the Mathler Game?

It is a simple game with straightforward gameplay and is available on many online puzzle games websites. First, type it into the search box and hit Enter.

Next, click on the top result. To enjoy the game, you must have an Internet connection. It isn’t yet available on the app stores for smartphones.

Play Mathler Wordle

You can play Mathler online for free. It is a great way to improve your maths skills.

Today’s Mathler Answer (March 31)

The Mathler Answer List will provide you with the daily solution to the mathematical spin on the classic five letter guessing game. It is a maths-game that appeals to maths enthusiasts from around the globe. This game is perfect for people who enjoy the novelty of the concept but don’t like word-guessing. The game was free and playable. It is a game we are excited to play again tomorrow.


It was created with maths enthusiasts from all over the world in mind. This activity is great for those who enjoy the novelty of ideas, but don’t want their focus to be limited to word-guessing. This is a game that uses Wordle words as a basis. You can also enjoy trying to solve it.

Mathler puzzle – Games Forum – Trip Advisor

Post your results if you are playing this game. Tripadvisor’s Games forum offers travel advice for Games.

Play Mathler On Wordle 2

Mathler is an innovative game for maths lovers who want to challenge themselves in a fun and new way. It is not like other traditional maths games. It doesn’t rely on word guessing which can be repetitive and boring.

Easy Game Answers Today (April 2023)

Mathler Answer is a very popular puzzle game. Today we will share our mother’s answers. So, this is a number-based game that everyone loves.

Play Mathler On Wordle Website

It is a simple game, can be played on for free. So, it is similar to Wordle. You won’t find any advertisements or…

Play Mathler On Weaver Game

The game rules dictate that the green colour of the correct answer should be displayed. Every 7 o’clock, a new puzzle will be released. To find the correct answer, you will also need to make six judgments.

Unscrambled letters in MATHLER contain 177 words

MATHLER (AEHLMRT), can be unscrambled into 177 words. Click here to find out more about these unscrambled MATHLER letters.

Mathler Calculation for 51 [ Formula] – GameAnswer

This topic will give you the Math ler 51 answer. I have also prepared the cheat to help you quickly get the calculation! Michael.


The game is also quite simple. The objective is to solve the correct mathematical operation, regardless of the difficulty level. Math Wordle will show you the time it took to solve the puzzle if you are successful. It then gives you the opportunity to share it with your social networks. You can also play it all day, and can show your friends.

We have already discussed various maths games such as Nerdle and how to download Math Wordle. Now we will go over, its functions, and why you should start playing it immediately if it interests you. Playing with numbers is equally enjoyable to us. So, if you like mental games, it will be a fun game for you.


What is Mathler?

It is a maths game where players have to guess the mathematical operation. In 6 guesses, you also must find the hidden calculation. The colours will also indicate how close you came to each guess.

What’s the goal of Mathler’s game?

AnsIt generates all the clues possible to guess hidden calculations in the game. However, these numbers range from 0 to 9, which includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. +-*/=

What are some games that are similar to world maths?

This is a game that is similar to wordle. It also aims to find eight combinations of numbers using mathematical operations. Needle is another version of wordle, but it has obscene words as well as a variety of words in multiple languages.

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