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Baby Boomer ongle!

The Baby Boomer ongle the French Manicure revisited child boomer. Resolutely modern, the Baby Boomer is ready to dethrone the cult French Manicure. Update in this modern nail artwork approach.


What is the Baby Boomer?
How to make a Baby Boomer?
How plenty does it cost?
Where to make a child boomer?

The colorful child boomer

A worth inheritor of the ” French Manicure “, the “Baby Boomer” has been emulated for numerous seasons. Straight from the United States, this nail artwork approach is best for individuals who need a discreet and delicate nail filing, some distance from the marginally coarse American-fashion French nail filing very famous withinside the 2000s.

What is the Baby Boomer?

More modern, “the Baby Boomer is a revisited French”, explains Marie, director of the Gloss’Up salon (Marais – Paris 3). The recipe stays the same: a red or nude base and a white nail tip. The twist? Instead of the immediate line, this one is degraded which will create a herbal melted effect. Those who need a barely extra authentic appearance also can pick an extra colorful option (red, gold, silver tip…).

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For a pleasing finish, Marie recommends choosing semi-everlasting varnish. According to her, the drying time of “classic” varnishes, which is too fast, does now no longer permit the layout to be labored on so easily. Likewise, lengthy sufficient nails will make it feasible to realize the gradient, even extra, she specifies.

How to make a Baby Boomer?

Note: now no longer all manicures are the same. Everyone has their personal approach, the only with which they experience comfortable, and there may be consequently now no longer one however numerous strategies for creating a Baby Boomer. Here are examples -amongst others- of achievements.

On herbal nails with semi-everlasting varnish: after pushing again the cuticles and submitting the nails to provide them the favored form, the manicurist applies coats of nude or mild red varnish on all of the nails. She then decreases the nails and locations a small quantity of “white gel paint” on a bit of aluminum foil which she alternatives up with a small sponge pad and pats the front quit of every nail upwards. as much as 1/2 of it to create a fade effect. Then, the nail filing starts offevolved again, however, this time stops at 1 / 4 of the nail, and ends with a layer of transparent “pinnacle coat”.

With gel extension: after having organized and disinfected the nails, the manicurist locations the templates (adhesive graph papers which make it feasible to create a “false” extension of the nail) on the quit of every finger. These will permit, the usage of a colored builder gel (red) that she spreads from the center to the top and the cuticle, to create the form of the nail (square, ballerina, almond, etc.) and a domed effect. As with the semi-everlasting version, the nail filing makes use of whitening gel and a buffer to do the well-known gradient on the pointers of the nails and finishes with a sparkly pinnacle coat.

How plenty does it cost?

In Gloss’Up salons, rely on 20 euros for a Baby Boomer nail artwork on my own and one hundred ten euros for a nail filing with gel extension and templates + software of semi-everlasting nail polish + introduction of the Baby Boomer.

Where to make a child boomer?

At Gloss’Up (fifty eight rue Charlot Paris 3, at Printemps de l. a. Beauté Paris 9, eighty four cours Victor Hugo Bordeaux). Many different splendor salons additionally provide this

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