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Best Security Extensions for Chrome in 2021

The Internet has become the go-to place for many people to go to find information and entertainment, but it can also be a dangerous place when browsing through sites with malware or phishing schemes.

These Google Chrome extensions help keep your computer safe from all forms of cybercrime when you are surfing the web so you should know about the best security extensions for Chrome.

Web surfing is a serious problem in today’s world. It is estimated that 8 out of every 10 people use the internet in their daily lives. This makes it a very significant target for cybercriminals with malicious intent.

The software has been designed to work on Google Chrome with its default user interface settings, so you do not need any additional settings or configurations.

The extensions will automatically notify you if there is suspicious activity on your computer, so you can immediately take action by closing down.

How to Add Best Security Extensions for Chrome

If you are using the Chrome browser then chances are that you have installed a few extensions which are the best security extensions for your Chrome browser.

These extensions are largely based on free security tools, but they feature extra functionality that makes your browser more secure.

Browsers will often offer you the ability to install extensions from within the browser itself, but this can be slow and cumbersome depending on which extension you choose.

AdBlock Plus is best security extensions for Chrome

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular extensions for Google Chrome. It has many features, like blocking ads by default or customizing its settings to only allow Acceptable Ads. It also allows users to locate and report suspicious sources of advertising on the web. But some people are worried about the privacy implications of AdBlock Plus and whether it infringes on their right to privacy.

Some other most popular ad blockers for Chrome are AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin.

Other extensions for Chrome include longer-term solutions. For example, SpotX and Ghostery to block all kinds of adverts even if you don’t want them.

All these extensions can be quite expensive to use unless you use a service like uBlock Origin or AdGuard which offers free versions with premium subscription plans which are very affordable.

AdBlock Plus is different from other ad blockers because it blocks advertisements running in the background of your browser while you browse the web normally. A simple click will stop any advertisement from running automatically and stopping it together. So basically, you won’t be able to see any videos streaming on YouTube or any other video website when using this extension unless you wish so too.

HTTPS Everywhere is another Best Security extensions for Chrome

Within the last few years, the HTTPS protocol has made it possible to use end-to-end encryption on the internet. This is one of the most important features that comes with HTTPS security.

When you are using a browser for browsing, you are essentially “tuning” your computer’s system to work with specific websites. This means that whenever your website is accessed. Your computer will go through a series of steps to make sure that nothing untoward happens or gets leaked.

It takes time and dedicated resources for this task to be performed by the web browser itself. There are many extensions available for browsers that can speed up these processing tasks and make them much more efficient.

HTTPS Everywhere is a browser extension that helps to increase web security. It blocks or prevents insecure connections by automatically adding an encrypted link to websites. HTTPS Everywhere means you are more secure when accessing your favorite websites on the Internet.

Right-clicking the toolbar on Chrome will allow you to enable HTTPS Everywhere. It will also change the privacy settings of Chrome. So that web browsing is not recorded in cookies or saved in local storage.


Disconnect web tracking protection is the ultimate solution for the best security extensions for Chrome. It blocks all kinds of web trackers and allows you to view websites safely with a VPN.

It won’t allow you to surf the internet at work but it will let you browse securely at home for free.

Privacy Badger

We all know that there is a lot of information that we put online every day. However, when you are a webmaster and you have a client who has a habit of checking your site. It can be so much work to deal with.

Privacy Badger helps you block any sites trying to track your user behavior for the sake of privacy.

Privacy Badger resolves the issue by which websites try to track your movements and block them from accessing the website.

After gaining permissions from Google, it does not collect any data about users.


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