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Broccoli bake recipe without boiling!

Making a no-prepare dinner with baked broccoli is so easy! So a whole lot so you most effectively want to pick out the spices, wash the broccoli and bake it. In addition, in a brief time we’ve got prepared a complete, nutritious, scrumptious, wholesome, and ideal dish for dinner, what extra are we able to ask for? You can see in this text the fitness advantages of broccoli.

To beautify the taste of the recipe we’ve got delivered grated cheese, however, this factor is definitely optional so you can do away with it in case you need it. Keep studying and find out here, in Free Recipes, the way to make baked broccoli without boiling, you may love it!


2 diners 30m Dinner low difficulty

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Ingredients to make baked broccoli without boiling:

1 broccoli

Rosemary: 1 pinch

Thyme: 1 pinch

Oregano: 1 pinch

Black pepper: 1 pinch

Grated cheese (optional)

Olive oil: 1 splash

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How to make Baked Broccoli without boiling:


Wash the broccoli and reduce it into small timber. We can reserve the significant stem to make a vegetable broth if we do now no longer need to discard it. On the alternative hand, we propose slicing the timber in 1/2 in order that they prepare dinner higher withinside the oven.


Place the broccoli on a tray, upload the spices, and olive oil, and mix. The spices are to taste so that you can regulate them as you want to present the raw baked broccoli with the taste you want best. Likewise, I even have now no longer delivered salt due to the fact I decide on now no longer to, however in case you desire you may upload a little.

Tip: Preheat the oven to one hundred eighty ºC.


Bake the broccoli for approximately 10 mins, flip it over, sprinkle with cheese and bake again. This time, we can depart it withinside the oven till it is prepared and gratin cheese. It has to be referred to that broccoli baked without boiling isn’t always as soft as its cooked version, however, the end result is extra crispy broccoli, cooked however browned.


When it reaches the preferred doneness, eliminate it from the oven. As we said, the raw baked broccoli recipe is ideal for dinner, due to the fact that in only 20 mins you’ve got got a wholesome and scrumptious dish prepared, in addition to nutritious.  On the alternative hand, bear in mind that it isn’t always so soft, it’s far crispy and fragrant if you made a decision to apply the spices, something that we definitely propose.  We can accompany it with baked potatoes, and grilled fowl breast if we do now no longer comply with a vegetarian diet or anything we just like the most.

If you appreciated the Baked Broccoli recipe without boiling, we advise you to give it a try.

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