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Courageous dachshunds!

Courageous dachshunds!

The dachshund: characteristics of a breed loved by all.

The dachshund, teckel or dackel is one of the most popular and sensitive breeds in the canine universe.

Characteristics of the dachshund (Shutterstock).

It is a very old breed, originally from Germany, created to be an auxiliary in the hunting of vermin from underground dens. Hence its elongated shape. The dachshund is the “basset” derivative of a large hunting dog: Bruno del Jura, type Saint-Hubert. This short-haired basset later gave rise to the different varieties, long-haired and wire-haired.

In the 13th century, Germanic hunting tales already mention it under the name of dachshund or “badger dog” (dachs=badger, hund=dog). From this time very short dogs (bassets) with short hair and solid legs are found in Europe, heavier than the current type.

It is difficult to relate the dachshund to the Egyptian dachshund, a short dog used as a guard, which appeared in the Middle Kingdom, during the Sesostris dynasty (2100 to 1850 BC) and disappeared later.

Courageous dachshunds!

More plausible is the theory according to which the dachshund, in its ancient version, was born from a mutation of the Bruno del Jura dog, Saint-Hubert type, due to a known bassetismo phenomenon: which spontaneously and casually determines the appearance of short dogs and elongated.

He is very brave, tenacious and a good prey, without being intimidated by anything (Reuters) He is very brave, tenacious and a good prey, without being intimidated by anything (Reuters).

That the pinscher is also black and tan.

The wire-haired dachshund was probably born in the eighteenth century from a cross between the flat-haired dachshund and a schnauzer. The long-haired dachshund dates back to the 16th century and probably arose from a cross between the short-haired dachshund with German and English spaniels. English breeding has since practiced a very marked selection of the dwarf variety and has made this type a thoroughly English breed.

Excellent for luring noxious animals out of their burrows, this basset is also a great tracker. The dwarf variety is particularly appreciated to attack the rabbit in the thicket. For hunting wild boar on horseback, it signals the “place” well thanks to its resonant voice. Endowed with a very lively intelligence, the dachshund adapts very well to life in the city.

Courageous dachshunds!

Often surly, he is sometimes envious of children. He is very brave, tenacious and a good prey, without being intimidated by anything. Much more skillful than the other underground hunting dogs, it tries to avoid useless and bloody combats, without losing its obstinacy and perseverance. He likes to make holes in the garden, he also digs at home.

It is a precious assistant to the vermin hunter, mistakenly transformed by certain people into a companion dog. The reason for his popularity lies in the many facets of his personality: a friendship in which there is no flattery, exuberance tempered by common sense, and fidelity mixed with a good part of obstinacy.

It is very appropriate for people for whom stubbornness is not a defect. But a sign of personality, and who prefer a fun companion to a dog devoted to his master.


Not very appropriate for inconsequential people, because that is precisely what a dachshund’s education lies in. He is a friendly, intelligent, and uncomplicated companion who, if properly educated, also learns to obey. He gets along well with children. Some disadvantages: he likes to dig holes in the garden, and he also digs at home. If you make a little movement, you tend to obesity.

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