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Earn 200$ Per video by just copy-pasting videos ( No YouTube )

This method of earning consists of four simple steps;

  1. Download the YouTube video
  2. Upload the video
  3. Start earning the money
  4. Start earning more money

This earning is just like a low hanging fruit where you can make hundreds od dollars by just copy and pasting videos.

For starting this earning method, you don’t need any kind of video making experience, you don’t need camera and you don’t need to talk on video.

By this method you can fulfill your dreams like if you want to update your car or if you want to travel around the world any also other dreams too

So read this article till the end. And follow all the steps.

Step # 1

First, you must go to here you can search words like CARS, Games Pets, etc.

After typing the word in the search, you must click the filters button and select the Creative Common and you can select any video now.

But be sure to choose a video with some learning tips or useful information and also have some entertainment factor in it.

Like: How to buy the best child car seat – Which? Guide

Click on show more and in license you must see Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

Now you must download that video.

You can download video by searching YouTube video downloader on google.

You can select any YouTube video downloader but be sure to download the video in high quality.

Step # 2

Go to on top you can see the upload video button click that and it will ask you to sign in or sign up you can sign up by your google account. After signing up you have to verify your account by using you phone number after the account is verified you are able to upload the video you selected and downloaded from you tube.

You must write the title and description and use some tags according to your video.

Now you can click the upload button and then you just must wait and watch.

Step # 3

After uploadation of video is completed some option appears, select the option with excluding youtube.

After selecting this option your video will undergo a monetization review.

So you be patience, you will start earning and you can easily withdrawal your earnings.

I hope you like this article. I tried to explain it all as possible.

If you want to earn even more money by this video, click here.

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