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I Have Awakened The Deduction System

This book, “I have awakened my deduction system”, might interest you if you are interested in learning more about reincarnation. He Chuan was transmigrated to an alternate world in which everyone could reincarnate. They could then begin their journey to become wealthy and successful. If they fail the mission, they would be ordinary people. They would never be able to enter the new worlds.

You are an orphan, and you are a loser. I Have Awakened The Deduction System. He Chuan dedicated himself to the deduction of various types of martial arts. He took the best of each technique and combined them to create a unique system. In the end, he was the most famous Jianghu legend. You can choose to keep the power gained during this reincarnation and use it again in future reincarnations. He Chuan decided to keep the Deduction System. He then reincarnated into his second world. You also reincarnated into a fantasy world. You are talented and the eldest son of the royal family. So, enjoy as He Chuan pushes beyond the boundaries of the universe and crushes all void.

What if I have awakened the deduction system?

It is a book about oriental fantasy, and the source is the father of China. It is also made up of 185 chapters. The book also describes how people can reincarnate in another world after they turn 18. It was only temporary, however, and there was a limit to how long it could last.

A Xianxia, an east fantasy, an urban, and a science fiction future world are just a few examples. Despite this, _He Chuan was determined to maintain the system in a decisive manner. He also chose to become a second-world being.

Chapter 1 of I awakened my deduction system is the first chapter. The episode “The world of reincarnation: the beginning of all things” is the episode.

Chapter 58: Chapter 56, I Have Awakened The Deduction System


“Receive background information!” He Chuan murmured in his heart. He needed more information before he could proceed with the follow-up actions. In the next second, the reincarnation sealing seal responded. In his mind, a translucent panel also appeared. So, it was the recording of information about the world. He Chuan patiently scanned it. This world is very different from the one before it. It was initially the same as Earth without any power systems. Everybody was just an average person. They didn’t even know anything about martial arts.

Fight with Army

Only the army was able to fight, and they only had standard cold weapons that were very primitive. They lived in an extremely primitive time. They were ruled at the top by a central monarch. One day, however, there were volcanoes everywhere and earthquakes and tsunamis never stopped. These disasters brought an abrupt end to the world’s belief in its end. Strong winds lasted half a year in exchange. The land was able to regain its vitality after the strong winds passed.

The plants thrived. Even weeds can grow up to several meters high. They were so strong that even ordinary sickles couldn’t harm them. The same was true for animals. In human society. A person who could lift a 200-pound object was known as a Hercules in the past. Even a 10-year-old child can lift a 100-pound object. His strength increased and doubled as he grew up. It was possible to lift 1000 pounds with a little training. Many people surprises by this change.

Feeling after the wind stopped

The feeling of growing stronger only subsided when the wind stopped. They also realized that the wind had brought them something new. They named it “Spiritual Energy” to make it easier to remember. It was quite magical to experience spiritual energy. It inaccessibles and couldn’t be touched. Deep breathing can help you feel more energized and clear. Many people have since studied how to harness spiritual energy to accomplish more.

Wrapping Of this Chapter

This was also the time when people from all walks of the globe came together to control powerful and magical forces.



The ministers kneeled before the simple tomb in the Third Prince’s Palace, weeping at the body in white mourning clothing. They were going to bury the Third Prince tomorrow but didn’t know who it was. The Eldest Princess and the First Prince were most suspicious. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the power to exact revenge. “Before the leader died, he asked that we take care of the Third Prince. He assassinates now by a deplorable man. We must assassinate the Third Prince.” “That’s right. “We’ll avenge Third Prince!” “Revenge!” These were all courtiers from the past who had been following Tetumtan’s mother, the Third Prince.

Qualities of the first Prince

They could not have trusted anyone else when the Xiongnu Tribe defeated their tribe. They losts their leader, but they didn’t know where to go, and all that was left was hatred. “I believe it’s better for a force to be followed.” “The First Prince is a good choice!” A red-clad official said, his eyes half-closed. “What are your words? “The First Prince may be our enemy. It’s delusional not to rely upon him!” “That’s right. He is kind enough to not kill us. He wants us to obey him.” Strong opposition quickly raises to the proposal.

Strong opposition was quickly raised to the proposal. They were not fools. Although they believed that the First Prince was the murderer, it was possible that the Eldest Princess directed and performed a good show. The First Prince was more suspicious. This was an undisputed fact. Some loyal ministers were not able to accept his proposal of relying on other forces. “Do you think that I would be willing to do this? However, things have come to this and I cannot rely on any other forces. Are you ready to be a king? “If the First Prince ascends on the throne no one allows to escape,” the red-robed, the old official said immediately with a righteous tone.

They had to pick one, even if they weren’t able to rely upon the First Prince. They wouldn’t have the opportunity to be on the side of someone who inherited the throne. The King’s new title would eliminate his dissidents and make them his targets.

End of this chapter

“No matter what, I still don’t consent to join the First Prince’s camp, at minimum until the real killer is found.” A blue-robed, old official stood out, and added, The crowd also immediately reacted to the words of the blue-robed, elderly official. They could see how important he was. As the group was arguing, the Sixth Princess also suddenly came to offer condolences to the Third Prince. Lia, her two attendants, came in, lit three joss sticks, and bowed.

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