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Montana Love (a Cleveland boxer) fights for love

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Montana Love was unable to embrace his children Londyn and Montana Jr. because of his chiseled frame. They were only two feet apart.

He won’t even move with a simple, “Can you please rest on my dad’s shoulder?”

Richland Correctional Institution prohibits any contact with visitors or inmates. Love could express its feelings only through his words.

Due to the prison’s restrictions, he felt achy inside.

Love, 24, stated that she wanted to hug and kiss her children. However, it was not allowed. It was horrible that someone had told my family not to touch me. I resolved to never be in such a situation again.

Montana Love, who spent 16 months in prison on drug and theft charges, is starting a new chapter as a professional fighter and rapper.

Love (11-0-1 (5KOs), will continue to fight in the ring with an August 17 bout at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Centre. A major sponsor withdrew from the fight for welterweight against Michael Odhiambo, which was scheduled to last six rounds, on June 22, 2009.

Love, who fought twice on Showtime, will be fighting in his hometown in August for the second pro fight. He’s doing his best to adjust to it.

Love, a 2012 East Tech high school graduate, stated that she is excited because it’s her dream to fight in the home. This is a wonderful example of how dreams are possible. It is amazing how far I have come through all the hardships I’ve faced. It will be an amazing feeling to fight before family and friends.

Early Years

Charles Jones and Montana Love were the parents of four children. Love is one of them. He was born in Quincy Avenue, near East 84th Street. Jones was just three years old when he died of cancer. Clarice’s brother Calvin was there to help.

Calvin, 39 said Montana seemed to have a special connection with him. He spent many years with my family.

When he was six years old his mother introduced him to the sport by taking him to the Salvation Army. Becoming a successful amateur. He was a 10-time national champion and fought nearly 200 fights.

Love discovered a weakness despite his success in amateur golf.

Calvin stated that Calvin doesn’t drink or smoke, but he does enjoy sweets. Little Debbie Cakes as well as Twizzlers or Skittles. I text him daily to ensure he’s on track.

Montana Love and his friend sneaked sweet treats into their hotel rooms on the night before the finals. He didn’t manage to lose the weight and couldn’t lose them in time for the fight. It didn’t work out for him.

Montana stated that I couldn’t lose weight. I was disqualified because I ate those Snickers. I lost three ounces.


His mother, who had died from colon cancer in January 2015, was also killed. Three months later, Love had become a professional when Houston became his first stop. Love was disqualified. The joy of winning was only temporary. Houston police arrested Love. Montana Love was wanted on charges of grand theft motorcycles, receiving stolen items, and using credit cards in an illegal manner. He was also required to cheat his way into prescription drugs.

His Houston handlers convinced police to let him fly from Houston to Cleveland, where they would surrender.

I didn’t surrender my identity to the authorities. I wore a jacket all the time. Love said.

Professional fighters found it difficult to hide their true colors.

On Sunday, I went to church and left my apartment. The bounty hunter was there to take me.

Love pleaded guilty at Cuyahoga County Common Plea Court, to six charges, including grand theft of three motorbikes.

Love claimed that Love lived a life of crime in order to provide for his family. Love’s uncle Jacqueline Black was among his high school teachers and was very upset by his arrest.

Black claimed that I told Black that he was being stupid and that his mother would be devastated. He felt like he let everyone down. He felt like he let everyone down. I assured him everything would be fine after he got out.

His pro-career and the loss of his mother caused love to be out of balance.

Calvin, who owns Little Giants’ Euclid gym, where Love trains, said that he never had an opportunity to grieve his mother’s death.

Love was able to find solutions to his problems by taking time to think about and reflect on his mother.

Love told me that I would dream about her three to four nights a week in jail. She was letting the outside world know that I was safe.

He got back to running. He ran every day, and he trained every day.

Love claimed that I told prison guards I was going on television. They laughed at me and were a bit rude. They are now threatening me with Instagram claims that I am doing exactly the same thing I promised.

And Love does plenty.

Love won ten fights in a row after his release. Love fought Kenneth Sims Jr. to win the WBC Youth Silver Super Lightweight title. The result was a draw. He enjoys music. Love has a rap track – Take a Pic – which he calls Too Pretty.

He is passionate about fighting youth negativity. He designed several programs that help teens work together to solve their conflicts within the ring.

Love, Kali’s father said that he wanted them not to use guns but to wear gloves. There are events for youth with disabilities where they can wear gloves, headgear, and a referee. They hugged each other after they lost everything in the ring. It works. Love is now focusing on his goal to win a title and hopes that his new direction of work will continue.

He is determined to succeed.

Love acknowledged that it has been a long and difficult journey but that it’s all been worth it.

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