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Rook Piercing: All You Need To Know About

Do you want a rook piercing?

Are you worried about the pain and discomfort you can go through?

Are you willing to get absolute information about rook piercing?

If yes, stay connected with this guide till the end to get absolute information.

Piercing and jewelry are something that the majority of females do. Despite the huge popularity of piercings among ladies, there are certain points that only a very few people go through and the leading one is. The guide is designed to provide full-on information about rook piercing.

What is rook piercing?

It is one of the most unusual inner ears. The standard lobe and upper lobe are the two most common ear piercing locations. Whereas the tragus and daith also have emerged as other most popular options in the last few years.

Uniqueness is something that everyone wants to get on. That’s why one can easily find people who prefer doing it. Besides looking quite fresh and delicate, it is a versatile ear-piercing option. Rook is present just above the tragus in the antihelix location.

Just like other ear piercing options, rook piercing is also supposed to be quite safe. Usually being done by professionals only. If we talk about the pain, I would prefer to say, no piercing is painless.

Placement of Rook Piercing

Rook piercing is being done at the upper part of the ear on the ridge. It is usually being done between the outer and the inner sections of the ear.

What is the pain, healing time of rook piercing, and what is the aftercare we usually need to do?

Whenever we talk about piercing, the very first thing that comes once in one’s mind is pain. It is usually being processed through a very thick layer of cartilage and that’s why it is usually supposed to be more painful.

It is a cartilage piercing that takes about six to twelve months for healing up completely. Whether you are opting for the piercing of the standard lobe or you are going to pierce, one needs to follow up the aftercare processes very carefully to make everything happen.

You should wash the piercing area gently with water and apply soap at least twice a day. Once you will do with it, now dry the location with paper towels gently so that to keep the potential bacteria away.

For effective healing of rook piercing, the best thing you can do is to leave the place alone. It is hard as you are excited to do so but still, you have to avoid touching, moving, or rotating your ear pin or an earring.

What is the cost of a rook piercing?

The actual cost of the rook piercing depends upon the professional and location you are living on. One can easily find out a price range for rook piercing from $30 to $80 along with jewelry.

What are the side effects of rook piercing?

Rook piercing is being associated with cartilage piercing and that’s why the majority of people prefer looking for the risks associated. The major risk associated is the infection that can lead you towards the permanent deformity of the tissue that is being pierced. Moreover, the person has to bear the pain for a longer time. Moreover, one needs to face rejection also if not being done properly. The major side effects of it are:


The major side effect is infection. If you are planning to do it, you should be prepared for situations like extreme pain, burning sensation, tenderness on palpation, pus around the site of piercing, etc.

Allergic reactions

Some of the metals like copper, nickel, or low-quality gold can also cause a lot of allergic issues on the site of the piercing. People may face ear deformity in case the infections happen.

What kind of jewelry is perfect for rook piercing?

Jewelry is one of the major things that one needs to check out while going for it. It is always advised people go for bar or hoop options during the initial healing period. Once you have crossed the healing period successfully, you can go for a barbell, curved barbell, or hoops as per your preferences.

You also need to look for the material of jewelry while choosing one as it is highly associated with infection issues. So, if you are going for it, make sure you are checking out the safest materials only, such as high-grade gold and titanium only.


So, Guys! It is all about rook piercing. It has become quite popular over some time. While going for the rook piercing just make sure that you are doing it from a professional piercer only and that too with the help of a sterilized needle. Also, you need to keep keen care of the cleanliness of the pierced area.


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