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Ruby Sweetheart Maguire

A well-known family member named Ruby Sweetheart Maguire was born on November 10, 2005, in the United States. daughter of Tobey Maguire, an actor, and also Jennifer Meyer, his wife. Along with the Spider-Man movies, her father is well known for the films Pleasantville and Pawn Sacrifice. Scorpio is Ruby Maguire’s zodiac sign, according to astrologers.

Ruby Sweetheart Maguire Career and Professional Life

Ruby is still too young to pursue any kind of profession. She will also be able to find a job that suits her talents in the future. She is currently focusing her attention on her studies and also enjoying the wealth of her parents. Tobey Maguire is her father and an outstanding actor. He has millions of followers and also fans around the world because of his exceptional acting skills. Tobey started his acting career with The Wizard in 1989. He was a huge success, and he appeared in Spider-Man 2 (2004) as well as the Spider-Man 3 (2006) spin-offs (2007). These films were huge hits and brought Tobey wealth and also fame. 

You are the love and the light, Ruby Maguire. Instagram

74 Ruby Sweetheart Maguire Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty  Images

Maguire, Ruby You are both my light and my love. Happy birthday to my sweet little girl. I simply cannot put into words how much I love you.

Instagram post from Hollywood Star Kids: “Tobey Maguire and his…

In Los Angeles, Tobey Maguire and also his daughter Ruby Maguire enjoyed some quality time together.

Ruby Sweetheart Maguire’s Pinterest Photostream

Photos of Ruby Sweetheart Maguire from EROTEME.CO.UK. Ruby Maguire, Tobey Maguire’s daughter, accompanied her to Sweet Rose Ice Cream in the Country.

In Los Angeles, Tobey Maguire goes shopping with his daughter Ruby.

Tobey Maguire spent Sunday with Ruby Sweetheart Maguire in Los Angeles. Advertisement.

Otis Tobias and Ruby Sweetheart Maguire – Alamy

RM D0B84E: Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Meyer and also their children Ruby Sweetheart and also Otis Tobias head out for a family meal.

Ruby Sweetheart Maguire, daughter of Tobey Maguire

Ruby Maguire was born to Tobey Maguire, a famous parent, and Jennifer Meyer, a celebrity spouse. Tobias Vincent Maguire is an actor and producer from the United States.

Editorial photographs by Ruby Maguire – Shutterstock

Find Ruby stock photos in HD and millions of other editorial images in Shutterstock’s collection. There are thousands of high-quality, brand new…

Cheers to Ruby Sweetheart Maguire turning 21,

Happy birthday Ruby Maguire You are now two years old. … Famous for: Being the daughter of actor Tobey Maguire and also jewel designer…

Net Worth, Height, Bio, and Career of Ruby Sweetheart Maguire…

Ruby Maguire’s biography, age, height, dating history, relationships, income, cars, and way of life, among other information, are all available online.’s Ruby Sweetheart Maguire Archives

Ruby Sweetheart Maguire is tagged. “Tobey Maguire At A Nursery School Holiday Party” — Lame Picture of the Day, 12-19-09.

Photos, News, and Videos of Ruby Maguire | Just Jared | Page 4

Ruby Maguire goes trick-or-treating with her parents, Jennifer Meyer and also Tobey Maguire, in West Hollywood on Friday.

Fan casting for Ruby Sweetheart Maguire on my Cast

You can submit your ideas for roles that Ruby Maguire should play in upcoming movies while also viewing casting suggestions for her.

Ruby Maguire Relationship

Ruby is still in her teens so it’s not the right age for a love relationship. Tobey Maguire met Jennifer Meyer in 2003, and they also began dating. The couple were also engaged in 2006, and also they tied the knot on September 3, 2007 in Kailua Kona (Hawaii). He was the father of Ruby Sweetheart Maguireand Otis Tobias Maguire, thanks to his relationship with Jennifer. The couple ended their nine-year marriage. Tobey Maguire currently has a relationship with model Tatiana Dieteman.

Reunited with his ex-wife, Tobey Maguire, and more star photos

Tobey Maguire is content to spend the afternoon with his ex-wife Jennifer Meyer and their child, Ruby Maguire. BACKGRID.

For Mother’s Day, Tobey Maguire goes out with his kids and ex-wife.

09/05/2022. Jennifer Meyer and also Tobey Maguire were spotted at Mother’s Day dinner. The exes were seen with their children Ruby Sweetheart (15), at a Mother’s Day dinner.

Split of Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer The Hollywood Reporter

The couple have two children: a nine-year old daughter Ruby Maguire, and a seven-year old son Otis Tobias Maguire.

Married Biography of Ruby Maguire from Wikipedia

Ruby Maguire, a celebrity and also jewelry designer daughter, is well-recognized. Maguire is well-known as the daughter of a wealthy…

Meet Ruby Sweetheart, daughter of actor Tobey Maguire…

Find Ruby Maguire bio, age, salary, net worth in 2022. Find Ruby Maguire Wiki and Height, Weight Affair, also Relationship.

Tweet from Jen Meyer Maguire: “Ruby Maguire…

Maguire, Ruby You are both my light and my love. Happy birthday, my adorable baby girl. You hold a special place in my heart.

IMDb – Ruby Sweetheart Maguire

He and Jennifer Meyer made an engagement announcement following the birth of their daughter Ruby Sweetheart. A close friend of mine is Leonardo DiCaprio. You are a candidate for the position of…

Ruby Maguire and Jennifer Meyer at a Banquet – Alamy

Tobey Maguire, his wife Jennifer Meyer, and also their kids Ruby Sweetheart and Otis Tobias leave for a family brunch.

The first images of Toby Maguire’s daughter Ruby Sweetheart

The first images of Ruby Sweetheart were released by Us Weekly. The photographs were also taken by Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer, Jennifer’s fiancée.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Ruby, a 16 year-old star child, has a charming smile, cute looks and a great personality. Although she has not revealed her height, she appears to be taller than 5’5.Maguire’s eyes and also hair are both hazel. The star has not yet spoken out about her physical characteristics.

Ruby Maguire Net Worth

Ruby is a family member who is the most well-known and also richest. Based on our analysis of Forbes, Wikipedia, and also Business Insider, Ruby Maguire’s net worth is about $1.5 million.

MyCast’s Ruby Maguire: Cast Your Favorite Stories by Fans

You can submit your ideas for roles that also Ruby Sweetheart should play in upcoming movies and also view casting suggestions for her.


The list of the most adored family members included Ruby. Additionally, Ruby was ranked among the elit list of well-known individuals born in the US. Every year on November 10, Ruby Maguire turns ten.

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