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SSM Smart Square

SSM Smart Square is the portal for employees of health-related companies. Login to access Avanta’s white-labeled scheduling tools. The SSM Smart Square software allows nurses and doctors to plan their time in a way that is most efficient for them, particularly when it comes to employee attendance management.

This healthcare software has been used by over 50 companies in the U.S.A and internationally. It is specifically designed for large medical facilities in private sectors (typically with more than 5000 employees).

More than 60% of its services are used within hospitals in the United States. Other use cases include surgery centers and cardiology clinics. Animal hospitals also uses it. Family health clinics may also be used.

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What is Smart Square?

Smart Square is also a web-based scheduling and staffing tool that healthcare professionals can use to decrease the burden on their staff.

Why choose SSM Smart Square?

SSM Health, a non-profit organization with almost 40,000 employees and approximately 11,000 providers who serve various health needs, is SSM Health. Smart Square also makes labor management easy with such a large workforce.

Who is eligible to use Smart Square?

All SSM Healthcare representatives can use this device at any level. The Staff can use it to plan shift times, supervisors to save time, fill open moves quickly, and the higher administration to better anticipate an investigation and happy representatives.


  • Time Management This saves time and makes healthcare management easier. Smart Square has a model that allows you to schedule shifts up to 120 days in advance. This helps SSM Healthcare stop last-minute staff hunting, and increases contingent resources’ availability.
  • Improves Scheduling:Smart Square includes all types of scheduling, on call scheduling and open shift management. This includes cyclic shift scheduling or self-scheduling.
  • Transparency This tool allows you to view all information about the hospital, the department and facilities, as well as the availability of staff and reschedules, so that any problems or changes easily resolves.
  • DashboardsProvides a variety of dashboards that allow you to see the functions better.
  • This allows you to view key metrics in order to measure progress against your goals.
  • SSM Smart Square offers pie charts, graphs and bars to help you understand your analytics better.
  • This allows managers to evaluate the performance and outcomes and give overtime, or create answers based on those results.
  • Analyzing hours worked, productivity, and cost evaluation.
  • It is also accessible from any location.

How to Access SSM Smart Square for Mobile Phones

Smart Square accesses via your mobile device’s homepage.

Users of Android:

  • Add Smart Square to your mobile browser.
  • Click the drop-down menu next to the Add to’ option.
  • You take to your home screen. This will add it to your home screen.

For iPhone users:

  • Go to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Menu” link.
  • Select “Share”
  • Scroll down to the right to find “Add to your home screen” or a plus (+) sign.
  • On the next screen, click “Add”.

If you don’t know the Smart Square system administrator, please contact him. Every company has its own website link.

Information regarding SSM Smart Square’s Contacts

This is the SSM Smart Square contact information. They can help you solve your problems and issues as quickly as possible. Without a second thought, let’s go through the contact details and choose the best way to get in touch.

Customer Service Number: 1 (855)700-6000.

What to do if your password is forgotten?

  • Click the ‘Failed remember your secret phrase’ link to be taken to their secret key assistance page.
  • This is not the SSM Smart Square login page.
  • You can track down the link to the “Failed To Remember Your Password” error right from the SSM Smart Square login page.
  • Also Enter your login ID into the box and click ‘Send.
  • You can return to the login page and log in again.
  • If you haven’t saved your email-id in SSM Smart Square recently, contact a Smart Square agent.

Login to SSM Smart Square

SSM Smart Square Login At Ssm.Smart-Square.Com

As a worker, the SSM Smart Square login portal is where you should go. This is primarily to access a booking tool that was specifically designed for the medical industry and medical services industry. Avanta has described the SSM Smart Square login device as a crucial planning arrangement programming. It is used by approximately 50 organizations, mainly by companies with more than 5000 employees. The United States has 88%, while other countries have the remaining 88%.

SSM Smart Square’s login gateway makes it easy for medical professionals to plan their usefulness. Smart Square is also used by SSM medical services to simplify and enhance its work on the board.

We should talk about Avanta and Smart Square

Avanta is a leading supplier of neighborliness. Medical services also work the board arrangements, making the medical care sector more intelligent. The labor force also executive arrangements have to include functional direction planning, prescient examination, and acceleration recuperation arrangements. Avanta, as we mentioned, has considered a Smart Square programming agreement, which is an integral asset that completes its executive contract.

It’s a quick access tool for staff managers, as well as higher administration within the medical services and emergency clinic industries. It also reduces planning disarray, increases representative fulfillment, lowers cost regulation, and simplifies proactive investigation for chiefs. Brilliant Square is also now part of a model that allows for the planning of shifts up to 120 days in advance. This helps associations avoid last-minute staff hunting and increases the availability of unanticipated assets. The arrangement feature also stipulates that get-away applications submits at least three months prior to the scheduled date.

Final Words

The smart square scheduling tool is great for organizing workers and getting more done in a shorter time. Logging in/signing up properly is the most important task of all. Learn how it works by visiting the SSM smart square login page.

If you also interests in what they have to offer, we hope you will have a wonderful experience with this service.


How do I get to Smart Square customer care?

If you have any difficulties using your Smart Square, so please call their customer service number at 1 (855) 700 6000.

Who are the super users?

Super users are those who manage everything in your office. They also describe your company’s managers and nurses who check in on everyone to make sure they are doing well. They skills in different areas and helps with daily operations within the facility.

How can I reach smartsquare customer service?

You can reach their customer service number if you need assistance with your SSM Smart Square software. It’s 1 (855) 700-6000. You can also call the above number to ask customer service representatives any questions you may have about the software.

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