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Here we are, at the beach in Thapsa, a gem in the rough. It is located in the eastern part of the island’s central section. We can confirm that it is among the most beautiful, if not the most stunning, of this amazing and unexpected island.

It is also known as the Blue Lagoon. This coast is located in a small bay, surrounded by tall mountains and rich green vegetation. There are tamarisks trees that almost reach the ocean. So, a beach of very small white stones, light sand, and transparent, and crystalline waters, with a sea that varies from turquoise to emerald, making it a picture only Mother Nature can paint.

The seabed at Thapsa Beach is also very fragile. The richness of the seabed with its diverse fauna and fish life will make it feel like you are on a playground. snorkelers can also enjoy the underwater world as it is filled with fins and masks.

Historical Background

Thapsa beach ranks 4th out of 419 beaches within the Central Greece area, 139.5km from its center. It is located just 5.4 kilometers from the city of Lamia and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Paralia Metochiou. It situates in a natural area with beautiful views of the mountains and is surrounded by cliffs.

You don’t need to wear special shoes as it is a straight stretch of coastline with turquoise water and gray pebble. The entrance to the sea is very sharp. The beach is ideal for many types of people: hikers, lonely travelers, lovers of relaxation, and those who love to go on vacation.

Thapsa beach is open to all. The beach offers the following amenities: a beach restaurant, loungers, umbrellas, and umbrellas. You can participate in many other activities, including swimming and sunbathing.

You will need to travel approximately 2km along a dirt road to reach the beach. The beach has parking. Within a radius of 5km, there are 3 additional beaches. Tsilaros beach is the best, with a rating of 8.7.

What is a Thapsa?

Παραλία Θαψά στην Εύβοια: Υπέροχος προορισμός για μπάνιο κοντά στην Αθήνα!

Thaspa beach isn’t equipped. Everything is in its original state and we hope it will stay that way forever.

It’s the postcard coast. Although it is difficult to describe in words, you will only be able to see how unique Thapsa is by actually seeing it. Because it is so difficult to get there, there are very few human footprints. There are only a few scattered homes, which may be the summer home of a lucky Greek. But that’s what makes Thapsa beach special. It’s a tiny corner of paradise where peace reigns supreme, and you can recharge your batteries.

Even in the summer, you will not find many people. Not many people know about this beautiful beach and only a few brave souls are willing to take on the challenge. However, it paves with pebbles and holes that are impossible to navigate with normal cars. It’s difficult to even with a front-wheel-drive vehicle. The torture extends over ten kilometers. You need to be a skilled driver. You can always look for a local guide to help you solve the problem.

Top Beaches at Thapsa

1. Paralia Kymi

The main beach at Kymi is also where the port is located. It’s a relaxed and rustic destination. It’s worth spending the day in the sun, taking in the beautiful atmosphere at Paralia Kymi, and enjoying the good facilities and food, and beverages.

2. Soutsini Beach

Soutsini Beach is a 10km drive from Kymi or a 45-minute stroll along the coast. This beach has a charming beach bar and white pebbles. It is ideal for swimming and enjoying the lush greenery surrounding it.

3. Beach Korasida

Korasida Beach is next to the picturesque village of Achladeri, around 28.3 kilometers from Kymi. It is also clear waters, spotless sands, and tranquil atmosphere make it ideal for anyone looking for a quiet place to swim. The more developed Kalamos beach, which is only 5 kilometers distant and has sunbeds, beach bars, and dining options, is also connected to Korasida.

4. Beach Tsilaros

A 12-kilometer trip from Kymi will take you to Tsilaros, a pristine beach that is well-liked by those looking for the untamed force of nature. Due to its unique and secluded ambiance, free campers and caravans frequently establish bases here during the summer. Enjoy the Aegean’s unrivaled views, small stones, and crystal-clear waters.

How to get to Thapsa Beach

Η παραδεισένια και πιο δύσβατη παραλία της Εύβοιας

It’s easy until you get to the dirt road. Keep the capital Calcis in mind and continue to the village Kymi on the other side. Continue on the road to Konistres, until you reach Maletianoi. Continue on until you reach a bin marked “Tsilaro”. this is where the dirt road starts. This is a ten-kilometer up-and-down until you reach the beach.

This destination should be on the things you see in Evia. It is unique and exotic, but it has an exotic atmosphere that rewards all the comforts. You will also return to Mother Nature, who in this instance has shown her incredible generosity.

What to Do at Thapsa

1. Discover the Town

Kymi offers a wide variety of food establishments, cultural attractions, and scenic locales. Explore the streets to find some of its hidden beauties, which include quaint cafes, stores, and tavernas. Locals frequently gather in the gorgeous central square in front of the iconic Greek church of Agios Athanasios to enjoy coffee and refreshments. Visit the Kymi Folklore Museum, which is also housed in a lovely three-story neoclassical mansion and features ongoing exhibits that showcase regional handicrafts, history, and culture. After that, stroll over to Paralia Kymi to unwind by the water or explore the town’s surrounding, lush forests.

2. Ascend to Agios Georgios Castle.

The massive Agios Georgios Byzantine Castle is located not far from Kymi. The construction date is unknown, but the old stones reveal a fascinating history and depict island life. During the 13th century, Licario, a knight who served Emperor Michael Paleologos VIII, restored the castle. A trek up to the Castle of Agios Georgios is worthwhile for panoramic views of the island and an interesting look into a bygone era, even though much of its previous splendor has been lost to the ages.

3. Wander along the Manikiatis River

Evia is known for its stunning nature, which includes beaches, mountains and waterfalls. This is more evident than anywhere else in Evia, where the Manikiatis River flows down the Kserovouni Mountain. The waterfall is located 20km from Kymi. So, continue on the river for approximately 25 km to reach the Aegean Sea. You will pass through rustic bridges and see lush green wildlife.

4. Enjoy Organic and Local Honey

Melissourgion is also a sustainable and organic honey farm located just 10 kilometers from Kymi. Discover the secrets to ethical beekeeping in this vibrant area. The taste and health benefits of Greek honey are also well-known around the globe. You can also try some fresh honey, or buy some natural beauty and health products.

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