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Things to know about Oshinko!

If you’re a sushi person then definitely you might love to have this Oshinko. This oshinko is nothing but a veggie pickle that is been rolled to sushi. In Japanese, this oshinko is called “Maki” and also as pickled radish. This pickle is made from vegetable radish and also carrots.

Oshinko is considered to have a great sushi roll that can make into a little bite as pieces. That ate filled with the perfect sizes for having it in Tiffin or lunch or even at dinner. The sushi roll that is been filled with the oshinko makes a perfect healthy veggie. To have a crunchy salty taste. You can have this with soft rice which tastes better.

Health benefits of having these oshinko rolls

  1. It is kept as a pickle, not as a fermented one. Which means it is good to consume and have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  2. It is highly rich in vitamin c and it is not rich in probiotics whereas it is considered to have a good dish.
  3. This oshinko is considered to be a portion of good food and completely low in calories that are high in fiber.
  4. Then consuming this maki roll, there might be a chance to get weight loss and support the healthy immune system.
  5. Oshinko contains plenty of enzymes that are an aid in helping digestion.

What the Oshinko do taste like?

It comes with the saltiness of daikon radish and also tastes sweet. Moreover, it gives a mild taste and is less potent in most radishes. The sweetness in the pickle becomes saltier after getting into the preservatives. This preservation process gives the radish taste better. This salty radish tastes like a unique flavor on the light taste that could bring the types of pickle to make a different flavor for making uniqueness in the radish.

After it becomes pickle it makes the better work to taste well in the usual bite with crunchiness inside. After making it into a sushi roll it has the better taste on the alongside to make a different combination inside the pickled radish. The people in Japan love to use this oshinko and taste made them use it for regular times as well as function days.

How to make the oshinko with a sushi roll?

This oshinko roll is otherwise called oshinko Maki roll. If you need to make this maki roll it is very simple in making the roll. The procedure to make sushi rolls are

  • Prepare soft salty rice for making into a roll and for the authentic taste make the maki sticky together with a sticky consistency. Then add the vinegar, sugar and a pinch of salt then mix it well for the taste.
  • For the oshinko strips prepare the slice of radish to the amount needed for making the sushi rolls. Then use the scissor to cut the seaweed sheets as much as needed.
  • Make it wet and place the rice upon the sheet and add all the ingredients that are needed like meat, cucumber, sprouts, etc.
  • After placing these ingredients just place the daikon radish which gives the flavor for the sushi. Then start making the roll and cut into cylindrical shapes.
  • It is done and now you can keep it in the refrigerator for days and enjoy eating these oshinko maki rolls. After 2 days it tastes better.

How to make Oshinko?

A well-pickled dish has the better taste which has the pickle to bring in the dish that requires using it well for the oshinko as a different taste. This is incredible that the pickle can be eaten along with the soft salty rice even though the radish contains the salt in it naturally. It is very easy to prepare and trying it at the first level will bring the authentic flavor and even a different experience.

You can get the ideas and then making it in the home will bring the tasteful flavor easily. This might make you remember the daikon radishes that are perfect for making it into a pickle. These red radishes are the perfect one for making the oshinko which gives the exact flavor for making an oshinko.

So here are some steps to make oshinko.

  1. The peal of the daikon radish with the help of a potato peeler and wash it thoroughly.
  2. Then slice the radish into thin slices as much it is possible. Then slice the radish into circular shapes which look better in it.
  3. Before placing all those slices into a jar, make sure to prepare the jar with the proper wash and keep it on the other side.
  4. Take a bowl and add two spoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of salt, and 2/3rd of sugar into the bowl.
  5. Now, pour the mixture into the bowl and mix it completely with the radish which has been sliced already.
  6. Store the processed radish in the refrigerator for at least 2 to 3 days. After getting preserved for about 3 days the daikon radish tastes good will be better for having with food.

Final words

This roll is a most enjoyable one and also healthy for humans. It is completely a good source of having this roll with a lot of health benefits and the commonly pickled one. It is a perfect dish for vegetarian people to have a sushi roll. The distinction is good so that the pickled veggies can make a better process for a fermented one to have the sushi in the oshinko roll.

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