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What is Pollo Rico?

Pollo Rico means “good, delicious chicken” in Spanish. And it’s just that – delicious! This article will tell you where to find the best pollo rico. Whether you’re looking for a flavorful fried chicken served with rice and beans. Or something more like a typical American diner with an all-day breakfast. Pollo Rico is performed at a handful of restaurants in the Boston area. There are two locations – one in Arlington and one in Medford. That serve Pollo Rico every day, from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

So if you want to eat the best Pollo Rico, where should you go?

Just outside of Boston’s Metro Centre is an establishment nestled between Denny’s and a 24-hour Walgreens. On any given day, this joint is filled with workers both early and late on their way home from work or away for the weekend on lunch breaks. The décor is a bit dirty, and the staff has no manners whatsoever.

This Pollo Rico joint is known around town by the locals to cook up some good chicken. The chicken they serve is always juicy, the rice is always aromatic, and the beans are always fresh. Be prepared to make a large mess if you order rice and beans because no servers can give more than one serving at a time – it’s just too much food for them to handle.

Is Pollo Loco chicken real?

There are two Pollo Rico restaurants in the Boston area, one on each corner. The first restaurant is located on Mass Ave in Boston, and the second is located just around the corner outside of Arlington Square Plaza. Both establishments share similar menus and have a drive-through for convenience’s sake. But both restaurants have something that the other doesn’t: authenticity.

In Medford, you’re likely to run into a few blue-collar workers or some students from nearby Tufts University looking for some grub on their lunch break as they sit at one of the tables lined up against the wall inside this small restaurant, which seats about 50 people. The Pollo Rico served here is not as flavorful as in Arlington. It’s a bit on the bland side, with a hint of saltiness that’s more common in fast-food chains.

In addition to ordering their Pollo Rico to-go, they’ll also mail you a box to take back home. If you’re willing to drive around 5 or 6 miles out of your way, another Pollo Rico is located at 764 Stoughton Rd., just off Route 30 between I-95 and Rt. 128 outside of Newtonville. This small restaurant is run by two brothers born and raised in Medford.

Is the chicken from El Pollo Loco healthy?

Pollo Rico is a chain of fast-food restaurants. They designed their menu to be healthy and clean but with a twist. Pollo Rico’s chicken is cooked so that it’s both healthy and clean. All of their chicken is free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free, and locally sourced whenever possible. The chickens are also treated with natural sunlight treatment that has been found to have health benefits. Pollo Rico has no antibiotics or hormones used in the process of cooking their meat, making it the perfect food choice for the health-conscious consumer.

What’s the difference between Pollo Rico and Pollo Loco?

Pollo Rico is a company that makes its food from scratch, while Pollo Loco is a franchise that makes its food from prefabricated ingredients. This can be seen with their rice, which is cooked using rice that has been cooked in chicken broth, whereas Pollo Loco uses pre-cooked rice and then adds powdered spices onto it to make it taste better. El Pollo Loco is also known to be more authentic and has a slightly higher price tag than its sister restaurant, El Pollo Rico.

The two restaurants are both owned by the same company. But there is a great deal of difference between them. El Pollo Loco is similar to El Pollo Rico but with a few differences. First off, there are seven El pollos Locos in the state of Massachusetts alone. However, there are only two Pollo Ricos in Boston and another in Medford. Another difference is that El Pollo Loco doesn’t give out disposable containers to their patrons. The only way to get a box from El Pollo Loco is to have your food delivered, or if you want to eat in the restaurant, but you’ll be paying for it.

Is Pollo Rico healthy?

Pollo Rico is both healthy and delicious! They pride themselves on using non-genetically modified ingredients, cooked without hormone or antibiotics and no artificial colouring or added preservative systems. They also cook their rice in a small amount of oil but with a big flavour, says chef Miguel. It’s flavoured with herbs and spices for added flavour.

Where are they located?

The closest El Pollo Loco to Boston is in Foxborough, MA. It’s located at 305 Squire Road. The next one is in Framingham, MA, right on Route 9 at 635 Worcester Rd. The third one is located on the border of Boston and Cambridge at 27 Union Sq. The fourth is a bit farther away from Boston and Cambridge but ultimately closer than the first three at 446 Smithfield St., in East Providence, RI. But if you’re willing to travel a little farther out of state from Providence to Freetown, RI, you’ll find the fifth El Pollo Locos location at 253 East Main St., in Freetown, RI. The sixth one is located in Newport, RI, at 70 Washington St. The last one is located in Warwick, RI, on Post Rd. at 1057 Peckham Lane.

The closest Pollo Rico you’ll find to Boston is located right around the corner from Tufts University and Tufts Medical Centre on Route 16 in Medford, MA. The second one can be found just outside Arlington Square Plaza on Harvard St., just off Route 60 (Mass Ave.). But if you decide to skip the long Mass Ave traffic during rush hour, you’ll find your third Pollo Rico location at 1 Federal Rd., just off Route 30 South and across from Rt. 495 in Westwood, MA.

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