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Who is Sauce Walka net worth and his early life?

Sauce walka net worth?

The real name is “Albert Mondane”, who was born on “29th of June in the year 1990”. His birth place is “Houston, Texas” in “United Sates of America”. Walka is basically a “Song writer” also “Rapper”. Because of his talent people call him by his pet name “Sauce walker”. Over the generation, he became famous among people while comparing to other rappers and he became one of the richest rappers in the country in the year 2014.

There were no more details about his details in any of the articles because he hasn’t given any. Some of the information says that his parents did not give him a complete care and moreover, his mother was a drug addict. His father used to be a professional wrestler and won’t spend much time with his family due to his work and practice.

Walka has a brother named Dillon Clemons and both of them did not have any sweet memories of their childhood. Both the brothers have to take care of them by themselves. His career started in the streets with “Sancho Saucy”, with whom Walker started performing rap about financial freedom in streets. They literally express their feelings and the struggles through the rap.

The success behind his rapping songs

  • He has worked in lot of artists but he did not choose any of the artists to collaborate with him. He mostly prefers his past collaboration and always talks about it.
  • As of now, he has been in collaboration with Boosie Badazz, Lil Yatchy, 21 Savage, A$AP Rocky, Bun B, Migos, Travis Scott, and the late XXXTentacion.
  • Walks, always mention him in his most of the lyrics and also the family situation which he had in his childhood.
  • Whereas the other rappers motioned about woman, drugs and guns in their lyrics. The struggle he gone through has made him to realize the best version of him.
  • Walka has faced the addiction of his mother and his brother which made him to neglect his brother. A huge impact in his childhood made him to realize his own self.
  • He has been in lot of controversies that has made him to face courts and record which took place in the year 2009.
  • He has been involved in a shot out which made a person got wounded in the time and he was guilty when the police took the investigation.
  • The gang of Sauce has participated in the criminal activity that took place in domesticated factory.
  • Label has been given to him who states that the accusation that revealed on the Sauce Walker during those times.

How did he become a rapper?

Walka, growing up in a dysfunctional situation in household, he was helpless. This literally made him to choose the different path from his family. He literally followed an individual series to have a back on the distinct things that turn to bring the attention that creates on the best projects. Also the thoughts that are provided in the mind of Walka made him to change into a great rapper in the year 2007. He went crazy about music and then began to take recoding sections in Diamond Cuts Studios.

Once his career started, a part of the Houston rap group could bring the Mostheard named as “A-Walk” in name of it. After a lot struggle, he started releasing his debut which was named an “In Sauce we Trust”. So, after this song he is been called as Sauce Walka. In the same year of 2014, releasing his first solo named “Sorry 4 the Sauce”. This song was his official one which was the second part of his first song. After this song, Walka with Sauce Twinz release the project “2 Legited 2 Quitted”.

This became a huge success and it also turned out to have a great song in the year 2015. Then, Walka released mixtapes titled as “Sauce Theft Audio” and “Don’t Let the Sauce Fool U”. After this big success he literally gained attention from the people for the track that he released as diss track which aimed for the Canadian Rapper Drake. The song named “Wack 2 Wack” play of Canadian Rapper Drake. A lot happened between these two which says about the copying issues and the rapping techniques that both of the rappers has faced.

Net Worth of Sauce Walka

Sauce Walka is considered to be the richest rapper in the list in his country. Due to his success the great rap song went on huge hit and people loved his songs. The fans started to spread all over the country. Each and every album of him and especially most of his mixtapes went on great success.

The big part is coming from the unforgettable childhood memory he managed to get the better life. As of now, his overall estimated net worth would be around $36 millions of Dollars. He earned all of his cash from getting the big amount of success from his rap songs. Also, the great fact that made a big deal on most of his songs.

Even though his personal life from his childhood made him suffer a lot. He literally came over all the struggles and became a successful rapper in the United States of America. Mostly, he has hid his personal life from public and social media accounts as well.


Hope, people has got the better information about this rapper and also came to know about his tragic childhood memories. Even though, Walka managed a lot and overcome his struggles to get more famous. Mostly, there were no much of details that were updated in this social media platforms which he has not motioned about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Sauce Walka have a child?

The rapper has shared a photograph like holding a baby and he has mentioned in the caption which says that the child is his own baby.

  1. What were fans comments on the post?

Many of them have commented in congratulating for his own child. There were lot of messages that says welcome to the world Sauce baby.

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