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Why do people like to choose the raffall?

Raffall is a competition app making significant changes to picking raffle winners. Raffall’s algorithm takes the hassle and guesswork out of selecting a winner and allocating prizes to entrants who can’t or don’t want to show up for the event. Anyone who promotes a bad lottery, carnival, or giveaway is, in essence, stealing from those that follow their advice. The odds are stacked against them, and they don’t even know it. The scams and frauds that abound in this industry must be stopped before more unsuspecting victims fall prey. With Raffall, everyone has an equal chance at winning, and we play the lottery and enter raffall and competitions online. Enter a contest in just a few clicks. Make sure your raffle is safe and fair.

Raffall is an excellent tool for small and large organizations because you don’t need to worry about keeping up with pending raffall or local events. It takes the hassle of deciding on a winner by making the entire process automatic. Raffall allows you to choose between multiple prizes, including cash, gift cards and more. With Raffall, it’s easy to enter competitions and win prizes by completing simple tasks or following our social media feeds.

So what are you waiting for?

Start today by creating an account with us online or download the app on your mobile device to start winning now.

  • Create your account online in minutes and start receiving promotions.
  • Use the exclusive mobile app to access promotions, connect with friends and unlock exclusive prizes.
  • Earn points for each completed promotion for a chance to win a prize.
  • Check out our exclusive promotions and enter every day to be one of the winners.

Raffall is an application that allows companies to run it without ever promoting the event or creating a promotional code. The app uses Facebook users connections and activities from other apps, letting users recommend users who they think would be great candidates to win. The recommended users are then entered into the raffle. Raffall raises money for educational causes and charities. Sponsors can set up a raffle by paying a $1 entry fee deducted from the prize pool. raffall lasts for three months, and winners are announced every Friday.

What is the mechanism of Raffall?

Raffall is a competition app making significant changes in the app-downloading world. The app is being developed by a team of international computer science students and has already been used to provide ten million people with free apps on the Android platform. The Raffall platform is unique in its ability to access the most downloaded apps without advertising revenue.

Regardless of what your interests may be, there’s bound to be something on offer at the raffall. Here is the mechanism of Raffall and what they’re trying to change in the app world. Android devices all download a specific app. It can become hugely popular very quickly — and at some point, we pointed out that this could result in substantial financial losses for developers and app stores.

Six steps to get access to Raffall.

  1. Register your email address at
  2. Download the app from the play store or iOS store
  3. Complete simple tasks such as install and rate apps to earn credits (10 credits = 1 $) on the app
  4. Use your credit balance to redeem any app of your choice
  5. Redeeming is instant, with no waiting time at all.
  6. Spread the word and encourage friends to join in.

For each app download from raffall, users also receive a reward of 10 credits.

  1. For example, if you downloaded “Sound Hound” from Raffall, you would receive ten credits for this action.
  2. The credit balance for each user is displayed on the application home screen
  3. As you continue downloading the exclusive apps and redeeming apps with credits, your credit balance will grow. Once your credit balance equals $1 in value, then you can redeem your credit balance for a premium app at any time.

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