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ALUMINCO SA started in 1982 as a pioneer with a vision and strong business culture. From the very first day of its activity, it set as its goal. The innovation and pioneering in the field of continuous research, development, and production of aluminum products. Which respond qualitatively, aesthetically, and functionally to the demanding and rapidly evolving markets. Above all, today, with over three decades of experience and continuous innovation and investment in infrastructure equipment and personnel. It has evolved into an integrated, vertical aluminum industry.

Its main feature is the widest range of certified products on the market, combined with human and efficient service. And advice to builders, contractors, and architects.

ALUMINCO in Greece.

Firstly, ALUMINCO’s steadily leading role in the Greek market and the continuous growth in foreign markets. Gradually established the company among the leading Greek aluminum industries and the most respected and recognizable in the world.
With 35 years of presence in international markets, extroversion is part of ALUMINCO’s identity. From 1982, when the first exports took place, until today, end-users on all five continents enjoy its products. Moreover, it is one of the largest exporters of aluminum systems in the country.

ALUMINCO’s distribution network serves the most important markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. Distributing aluminum products in more than 60 countries worldwide.
Today, exports cover 55% of its turnover and are constantly on the rise. Implementing a clear strategy based on the technological superiority of new products. The positive customer experience, and the exploitation of new markets.
ALUMINCO is a company with a strong philosophy, values, tradition.

Today, it has developed and consolidated hundreds of aluminum products. Many of which are unique, high value, with many innovations and patents. Which perfectly embody that pioneering spirit and passion for innovation, core values ​​of the “Creativity in Progress” philosophy. ”.

Maximum safety, high ergonomics, dynamic design, excellent handling, and durability. Are some of the features that dominate giving a unique experience to the end-user. The coexistence of innovation, ergonomics, ecology, and new concepts around architectural design is unequivocally confirmed in every aluminum system.
ALUMINCO SA is a pioneering, healthy, family-owned aluminum industry that has changed the data in its industry. It was the first company to create a new generation of cast aluminum products. With classic designs, that provided successful solutions for every architectural application.

Today, ALUMINCO has evolved into an integrated vertical aluminum industry, which processes aluminum in three ways:

Most importantly, extrusion: with a production capacity of 13,000 tons of aluminum profiles per year
Doors: with a production capacity of 70,000 panels per year
Foundry: with a production capacity of 1,000 tons per year
In its production center, it maintains complete units of processing, electrostatic painting, editing, finishing, packaging, and storage of the products it produces and delivers.

ALUMINCO offers modern architectural and construction solutions based on aluminum, which include:

Complete range of opening and sliding aluminum systems, cold and thermal insulation.
A variety of designs in aluminum panels for every architecture and construction need with an emphasis on aesthetics, functionality, and safety.
From security doors and security doors for main entrances of commercial or private buildings. Available in traditional or modern style, in a wide variety of designs and colors.
Railing systems for balconies, terraces, and stairs. In traditional and modern designs, are made of cast aluminum, aluminum, or stainless steel profiles combined with polycarbonate sheets.
Outdoor systems such as pergolas, patios, entrance canopies, gates, courtyards, and lighting, offer complete solutions in the construction of buildings of high demands.
ALUMINCO’s distribution network serves the most important markets in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, distributing aluminum products in more than 60 countries worldwide, while it is focused on the field of continuous research and development of products that meet quality, aesthetics and functionally in the demanding and rapidly evolving markets.

Products of ALUMINCO.

The painting process of its products is based on the specifications of QUALICOAT and SEASIDE CLASS (coastal class treatment) while adhering to a quality management system according to ISO 9001 and an environmental management system according to ISO 14001.

All aluminum and railing systems are designed, developed, and tested in the Research & Development department of the company and then certified by recognized institutes and international organizations such as IFT Rosenheim of Germany, Instituto Giordano of Italy, EKANAL (Hellenic Aluminum Development Center, etc.

ALUMINCO leads the developments in the aluminum sector, constantly upgrading the services and products it offers, with complete solutions that meet the needs of modern construction and improve the quality of life by creating relationships of trust with the technical world and the consumer public.

The company is headquartered in Oinofyta, Boeotia, while branches are maintained in Metamorfosi, Thessaloniki, Lamia, Chania, Crete, and Tripoli. ALUMINCO also has a presence in Romania and Serbia.



Aluminum thermal insulation frames for collapsible constructions

The FD 4600 is a complete thermal insulation system for collapsible structures (bellows) with impressive features, both in terms of technical performance and functionality, offering numerous typologies for impressive constructions. In addition, it provides a high level of thermal insulation (Uf from 2.1 W / (m² · K)) thanks to the 30 mm glass-reinforced polyamides. It has a modern design, using specially designed components for folding systems. It is suitable for large openings with the additional advantage of angular construction without the existence of a fixed column, ensuring maximum transparency and comfort.


Windshield folding glass

The Open Air glass folding windshield system is a technological achievement, patented and available exclusively by Aluminco. With its innovations, it offers the ultimate answer to professional outdoor spaces, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. The less visible aluminum frame gives minimal character and aesthetics, while the harmonious integration of the glass releases the maximum of natural light in the interior. They behave extremely well outdoors, providing sound reduction and high protection in all weather conditions. All models in the series have been certified and approved by Swiss Approval, for their exceptional durability even under the most extreme wind loads. Numerous options such as handrail, traverse, trolley base, support for extra sealing, and additional profiles offer complete customer satisfaction down to the last detail.
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Aluminum sliding frames

It harmoniously combines the functional benefits of a minimal sliding system with leaf lifting and excels in thermal insulation, waterproofing and wind resistance performance. Similarly, ts minimal and straight lines,
combined with the low level threshold guide, they offer sleek constructions.
After that, it has a narrow hook 51 mm at the point of overlap for better natural light and field of vision. The advanced lifting mechanism HS-200 offers functionality with easy and quiet rolling, while the profile with integrated handle ensures robustness and increased resistance to wind pressure conditions. It is equipped with 32 mm glass-reinforced polyamides, offering a factor of Uw = 1.59 W / (m² · K), but also tires with increased levels of thermal insulation and waterproofing. Therefore, ideal solution for new constructions and renovations of hotels.



Aluminum sliding frames

The SL2900 is the only sliding system with deflection, which satisfies a wide range of requirements, while also offering the possibility of creating very elegant constructions. For instance, innovative minimalist design (64 mm exposed aluminum) of top performance (Uw = 0.89 W / (m² · K)). The fully integrated guide allows easy passage and maximum comfort. This element in combination with the visual effect of the invisible frames creates the ultimate minimalist look. The revolutionary solution of the corner construction, without the use of an intermediate pillar, offers impressively large openings and penetration of natural light. The SL 2900 incorporates its own design style, being innovative and at the same time unique.


Thermal insulation, opening aluminum frames

The new W4900 system of Aluminco is one of the top-performing passive opening systems in Greece, as it meets the strict criteria set by the German Passive House Institute PHI (Passive House Institute). The significant thermal insulation performance Uw = 0.78 W / (m² · K) makes it effectively responsive to the implementation of passive building structures. In addition to energy efficiency in passive housing specifications, the range combines the proven benefits of aluminum windows, allows robust construction of high standards and is characterized by a range of options, which are sought after by architects.


Aluminum railings with glass

In conclusion, the innovative system stands out for the ultimate sense of freedom, unique design, and security, offering innovations that have been designed based on real modern needs. However, it is offered in three basic types: Floor, floor, and side floor or parapet, with numerous personalized options. Available in all shades of anodizing and electrostatic painting with a choice of handrails of various shapes.

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