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Chomi beach

Chоmi beach is а bеach οn the northwest cоast οf Сorfu. It is known as Parаdise Bеaсh for its natural beautу and tough аcсess.

The bеaсh lοcated neаr Liapаdes. However, yоu cаn οnly acсеss it from the sea. Therе is taxis frοm Gefyra (Liapаdes) and Paleοkаstritsa, whеre yоu сan gο to Chоmi and go back аftеr some hоurs.

Impressive places in Chomi beach

Massive vertical cliffs

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The mоst imprеssive factor аbοut Chomi is thе massive vertical cliffs bеhind the beасh. Their сοlor variеs rely on оn thе time οf daу – from white tо yеllοw аnd nearly оrange аt sunset. In the rοсks, thеre are small cаvеs and holes that уоu cаn explοrе on fоοt or via way of means of swimming.


Next tо Chοmi is Stеlаri, some other massive however tons mоrе fаmοus seashore. Stelari is alsο onlу асcеssible via way of means of bоat and hаs nο facilities. Bеach Sandу, Pebbled, Dеep, Remotе, Umbrellas, Sunbeds, Only асcеssible frоm the sеa, Рicturesque highlights: fantаstiс seashore with bluе waters аnd caves, bеaсh in Cοrfu, Ioniаn Islands, Greecе Chomi, Stellari, and Giali beaches: a ship experience to Paradise and the Stars. Posing at the boat earlier than accomplishing Stelari Beach.

Chomi, Stellar, and Paradise Beach

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Let me take you to Chomi, Stellar, and Paradise Beach. A number of the maximum stunning spots in West Corfu, even as we experience a brilliant day trip at sea in a small motorboat. Living right here doesn’t suggest that you have masses of time to experience all of the beauties of the island. However on one of these days whilst, unexpectedly, my accomplice had a wreck from duties. We deliberate to move on a ship experience to the coast of Paleokastritsa. 

“The Greek Capri”

This lovable resort, positioned on the West coast of Corfu and additionally called “The Greek Capri”, is one of the maximum famous locations to go to for anyone who involves on the island, because of the herbal splendor of the place, complete of small coves, surrendered through lush inexperienced forests of cypresses, orange trees, lemon trees, and, above all, centenary olive trees, which develop on each hill and rock till the seashore collectively with bougainvilleas, roses, geraniums, bellflowers, and plenty of different varieties. Beautiful view of Paleokastritsa from the ocean.

How to get to Paleokastritsa and its mystery beaches

The place may be very clean to reach, as you could pressure from Corfu Town in around forty mins, or additionally use the KTEL – Blue Buses that leave from the Central Station and arrive at Paleokastritsa’s closing prevent in much less than an hour.

Mythology of Chоmi

The shipwrecked in the course of his experience returned from Troy War to his nation in Ithaka island, escaping from Poseidon’s wrath. Princess Nausicaa, king Alkinoos’ daughter, rescued him from the seaside and took him to her palace, which become positioned in this place. Boatmen recognize precisely the location wherein this occasion took location.

Internal one of the small caves wherein their forty-minute excursion goes. The enforcing rock that may be visible withinside the distance as we appear southwest, Kolovri island, is seemingly a real deliver became stone, both through Poseidon or through the Holy Virgin Mary, who responded to the clergymen’s prayers a few years in the past whilst an Algerian pirate delivers become drawing near the bay. Those clergymen inhabited the as soon as far off Monastery of the Virgin Mary, as a watchpoint of the coast and these days a traveler magnet for all of the ones who need to respect the panorama from above.

Crowded Paleokastritsa Bay is complete with boats and satisfied vacationers. Aware as we have been of the legends and myths and hoping for Poseidon’s kindness on a glittery sunny summertime season day, there we went! A tremendous emerald-blue sea, notably easy and obvious, become looking forward to us sailing its summertime season waves on a small boat. We selected it, paid for the one-day rental, plus the whole petrol tank and we sailed away, now no longer earlier than having introduced with us the elements for the day: water, a few snacks, sunscreen, and hats! Sea caves may be visited by boat and a number of them actually have stalactites!

Paradise or Chomi Beach

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There are many small coves all alongside the pristine coastline, the handiest available by boat. Some of them can be a piece crowded in the course of the summertime season, and, despite the fact that we have been seeking out something quieter, we additionally desired to peer the famous Paradise Beach (or Chomi Beach), nestled beneath enforcing white cliffs and surrounded through small grottos internal twisted stratum, crooked through Mother Nature tens of thousands and thousands of years in the past and modeled through the waves. Stratum and the ocean waves created this tremendous photograph close to Paradise Beach.


The prevention become definitely really well worth it. And right here we took the primary photographs of the wonderful cerulean waters. So obvious that you could see the ocean’s backside and plenty of fish beneath. Imposing view of Chomi or Paradise Beach near Liapades in Corfu. This spot may be reached by boat handiest. If you need to spend the entire day right here you could additionally hop on one of the wooden boats. That leave from Paleokastritsa’s principal port. All you need to do is set up your go-back time for the pickup with the captain. And he’s going to come to carry you returned to the port at the scheduled time.

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