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Gold coast girl a Chicago based fashion lifestyle guide

Gold Coast Girl a Chicago based fashion and lifestyle guide, is a blog that covers everything from the hottest fashion trends to the best places to eat and drink in Chicago. A Chicago-based fashion and lifestyle blog. It is run by a group of fashion and lifestyle professionals from Chicago. A team of lifestyle and fashion experts creates the blog and shares their latest discoveries with readers each week. It covers more than fashion and beauty. It also discusses topics such as health, fitness, and travel.

I’m a fashion-conscious, stylish person who takes pride in my appearance. I care about my skin and body and make sure that I look good. I lead a healthy lifestyle.

What is the aim of Gold coast girl a Chicago based fashion lifestyle guide?

This site aims to inspire, educate, and empower women to feel and look their best. I provide style advice, outfit suggestions, and product recommendations to help you create a wardrobe that you love and feel confident in. You can also find lifestyle content such as trip ideas and cooking tips.

Growing up in Chicago’s suburbs, I have always loved fashion. After working in a luxury shop and gaining experience in the field, I decided to start my own blog to share my knowledge with others. Gold Coast Girl has led the rapid growth of Chicago’s fashion blogs and lifestyle blogs since its inception in 2016. I have been published in publications such as Chicago Tribune, Red Tricycle, and Chicago Magazine.

Instagram: Gold Coast Girl

The Gold Coast Girl is a fashion and lifestyle blog with Chicago roots. The blog was founded by Alyssa Fiorentino as editor-in-chief. Since then, many women from all walks of life have relied on it for fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

Alyssa is determined to inspire confidence and style, regardless of their financial status. She shares her personal style journey and offers tips on how to find the best sales.

Stylish Clothes 2021

Hello, everybody! My blog, Trendy Outfits 2021 is open! Sydney, a Chicago-based fashionista. My blog will feature my latest fashion advice, outfit suggestions, and cosmetics tips. I wish you also enjoyment.

Men’s Summer Fashion 2021 Gold coast girl a Chicago based fashion lifestyle guide

Summer 2021’s men’s fashion is all about lightweight fabrics such as linen and cotton. They also need adaptable accessories that can be worn up or down. These are some of the top trends for this season:

Linen and cotton are lightweight and breathable fabrics, which are great for hot weather. Linen has a natural look and gloss, especially when compared with other fabrics.

4 Best way Gold coast girl a Chicago based fashion lifestyle guide

The beauty and fashion industries in Chicago are always evolving and growing. These nine influencers are great for adding a Chicago touch to your life, or if you also want to use Chicago fashion as a base point for your own fashion adventures.

1:  Michelle Thames | Happily Ever Natural

Happily Ever Natural is unquestionably about fashion and beauty. Particularly for women who want to live a natural lifestyle. Michelle Thames bills herself as a social networking expert. While social media management is her primary focus, the Happily Ever Natural brand is more focused on beauty and fashion. Michelle provides incredible daily fashion that you won’t find anywhere else.

2:  Heidi Daoud | Wishes and Reality

Heidi Daoud was able to reach more than 75,000 Instagram followers through her promotion of the best deals from Amazon, and Target. You can also purchase her affordable outfits. Heidi can be followed regardless of your budget to get daily wear outfits on your feed at a cost you can afford.

3:  Samantha Kramer | Gold Coast Girl

Samantha Kramer is a great fashion blogger. Her posts about motherhood, fashion, and lifestyle cover all the bases. Follow Gold Coast Girl to ensure it appears on your Instagram feed, whether you are looking for a specific recipe or some motherly trends to inspire you.

4:  Helen Berkun | Berkunstyles

Helen Berkun, a designer, uses her brand. Berkunstyles showcases a carefully selected mix of timeless pieces with contemporary influences. She blogs daily about Gold Gold Coast Girl a Chicago based fashion lifestyle guide her Instagram account. This has helped her become much more popular. Follow her to get a glimpse of her everyday Chicago life on Instagram.

Chicago little guide: Gold coast girl a Chicago based fashion lifestyle guide

Coffee  and cafes

  • The Restoration Hardware 3 Arts Cafe serves delicious coffee and cookies.
  • Cafecito is Kate’s favorite Cuban restaurant.
  • Dollop is a little off the beaten path, but it is still a hidden gem in the neighbourhood.
  • Both the Oatmilk Draft Black & Tan and the iced vanilla latte at La Colombe are excellent.

 1.  Brunch

Somerset at The Viceroy is the perfect place for you if you are also looking for stunning decor and great food and drink. Original Pancake House is a more casual option if you prefer something a little less formal. You won’t regret it!

2.  Quick bites

They are also open late if you feel hungry. Goddess and Grocer have great sandwiches, salads, and snacks that you can grab and go. You should also stop by if you plan to go to Oak Street Beach. Aster Hall, a renovated food hall, is definitely worth a visit. You will also find a wide selection of Hog salt food and some amazing cocktails at their bar.

3.  Drinks

Drum Bar is a great spot in the area that not also many people know about. This is a great place to go on a date. Gibson’s Patio is a great place to watch people and is one of the most beautiful patios in the area. You can also grab a table outside at Tavern on Rush if you are unable to get one at Gibson’s.

Happy hour at Deveraux Rooftop is a great spot to go. On a hot summer weekend, it can get quite lively.

4.  Dinner

You’re looking for a great also place to have a meal or a glass of wine in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. Hugo’s Maple and Ash, Margeaux, and Margeaux are all great options. These three restaurants offer exceptional dining experiences sure to please.

Final Words about Gold coast girl a Chicago based fashion lifestyle guide

Ashley Rebecca founded the Chicago-based fashion blog and leisure blog. They cover many topics such as gastronomy and travel, fashion, beauty, and home decor.

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