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Silver Scent

The silver scent is the best perfume in all the world. Today’s fragrances are generally composed of natural ingredients sourced from nature—or influenced by nature—and chemicals (man-made ingredients) employed to prolong their life or ‘travel further’ or stay true when applied to the skin.

You can learn about literally hundreds of different perfume ingredients used in the present. If you’re aware of which ingredient you’d like to learn more about, simply enter the name in the search field (top left). You can also click on any letter below and it’ll lead you to an array of ingredients starting with the letter. Or, let your eyes wander over the rolling collage that scrolls below and click what you want to do and a visual “lucky dip’

What is a Silver Scent?

Silver Scent Intense, the oriental and amber scent for males. More intense, sophisticated, more complex and a more elegant scent.

The striking masculine scent of Bogart’s scent continues the line of scents that contain notes of agar oils extracted from the aromatic resinous center from the oud plant. which is the highest-priced tree on the planet. The source of inspiration for the scent’s creation was the character of the famous Humphrey Bogart in the movie The Maltese Hawk.

Eau de Toilette Bogart Scent Intense Scent Intense is made for men who are dependable and trustworthy. So, it emphasizes the importance of the influence and independence of its wearer. It is a scent with the strength and bold masculine style. Rich, juicy and lasting scent will also please all those who are committed to their lives, who appreciate style, success and sophistication.


  • Jacques Bogart Scent 100mL
  • Cologne
  • For males
  • Oriental woody scent
  • Top notes of lemon and orange blossom
  • Middle notes of nutmeg, rosemary, lavender, coriander and cardamom
  • Notes of base notes of lychee Tonka bean teak wood and vetiver
  • The fragrance for men introduced in the year 2006.
  • The aromas of nutmeg rosemary, coriander and cardamom, along with geranium garner and lavender draws the attention of everyone
  • The small size also makes it possible to store your items easily.
  • An irresistible fragrance with distinct scent that enjoys by you throughout the day

Gold Smell Cologne by Jacques Bogart is a scent for men. 2006

Jacques Bogart Silver Scent Eau de Toilette για άνδρες 100 ml |

The Silver Scent created by Jacques Bogart is an Amber Woody scent for males. So, it launches in 2006. The top notes also include Orange Blossom and Lemon; the middle note is not.

Silver Scent Intense For Men By Jacques Bogart

JACQUES BOGART - SILVER SCENT INTENSE סט א.ד.ט + בודי ספריי לגבר | סופר-פארם

The Silver Scent Incense from Jacques Bogart, Show your grit and dazzling charisma by wearing Scent Intense, an enthralling men’s perfume. The bold scent also packs with spicy, woody, aromatic and citrus notes. That also creates a magnificent appealing scent that you’ll be proud to put in your personal space. Notes of the top note of bitter orange Amalfi lemon, and African orange flowers. It provide the scent with a vibrant and pleasant energy, uplifting your spirits to provide an enjoyable experience. The heart notes of cardamom coriander, nutmeg, rosemary and lavender are able to enrich the scent with their exotic, deep scent, and an herbal kick that helps to reduce the intensity that is layered into. The cologne’s the base notes of tonka beans Agarwood, oakmoss teak wood, and vetiver provide a sensual and earthy scent that ties the whole scent.

JACQUES BOGART Intense Silver Scent

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Silver Scent Intense Men Edt by Jacques Bogart, 100Ml

The SILVER SCENT Intense created by Jacques Bogart for MEN EDT SPRAY 3.4 OZ. It was launched by the design studio that is Jacques Bogart in 2009, The SCENT INSTENSE fragrance from Jacques Bogart possesses a blend of lemons, orange blossoms Tonka, Vetiver, and Teak. It also suggested for use in the daytime.

A 100 ml bottle of JACQUES BOGART Silver Scent Intense eau de toilette

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In Pakistan, Silver Scent by Jacques Bogart EDT 100ML

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What scent does Silver Scent Intense have?

Silver Intense launches in 2009. Top notes include African Orange flower, Bitter Orange, and Amalfi Lemon The middle notes include Lavender Geranium, Cardamom, Geranium, Nutmeg, Rosemary and Coriander The base notes include Tonka Bean, Agarwood (Oud), Teak Wood, oak moss, and Vetiver.

What scent is Silver Scent Midnight?

Silver Scent Midnight has notes of grapefruit, sage and cardamom, which are in the head; Artemisia orange blossom, and nutmeg in the body. Tonka bean, cedar and guaiac wood at the bottom.

How does a million bottles of cologne smell?

One million Eau de Toilette is also a refreshing and spicy scent for men with scents of leather, amber and tangerine. It is a slew of rules and shatters the rules and adds a touch that is irresistible. So, a spooky scent to match an opulent man.

Where do you use cologne spray?

Silver Scent Intense, launched in 2009, is a more potent, more dense and a more extravagant variant of Scent from 2006. It is also a part of the ambery woody fougere group. So, the top notes are orange blossoms, Brigade orange and frosted lemon.

What distinguishes silver scent from silver scent intensely?

It is recommended to spray cologne between three to six inches from the skin’s pulse points, for example the wrists and necks of the inside. The pulse points are the warm areas of the body that blood flow is, therefore they’ll mix with your scent naturally and help project the scent more effectively.

Final Words

Bogart Silver Scent Intense is a part of the category of oriental fougere scents. So, the vibrant composition begins with sparkling and fresh aromas of orange blossom, lemon and bitter orange. It also flows smoothly changing to scents of coriander, rosemary, cardamom and nutmeg. It also has a hint of ger and lavender. A sultry and silky trail is created from the notes of tonka bean oud wood Indonesian teak wood and vetiver and sturdy oak moss.

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