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How to Find Deleted Youtube Videos

YouTube, the easiest way to share your latest education videos, is one of the best platforms for sharing your knowledge. You can find any video that you want to watch again, and like it for free. If you want to know how to find deleted youtube videos then this guide is for you.

It is quite common that people are not aware of their rights when they delete a video. They will invariably miss out on the fact that there are various other ways in which you can access deleted videos. For example, if you have logged into your YouTube account and deleted it by mistake or forgot to do so. There are plenty of ways through which you can return to your previous position.

Method 1: View Deleted YouTube Videos via Link

If you have a YouTube account and you search for a video, chances are that it has been deleted. But not entirely. There is an Internet Archive Wayback Machine that allows viewing deleted videos. Even if they have been removed from the video hosting platform by the copyright holders such as YouTube.

Using Wayback Machine, we can recover deleted videos that we might have accidentally lost. This is especially helpful if we delete them deliberately or accidentally. Wanting to be sure that we don’t lose those precious memories of those wonderful moments in our lives.

When you search for something online, the first thing that will pop up is a snippet of text on a page. If you’re lucky, it will be a video. And if that’s the only information that shows up, then you probably don’t even care about it and move on to find something else.

The website is a search engine that allows the user to search for different indexed links from any published or deleted website. The result can be presented as a list of all links from the page as well as a list of links from particular types of websites.

Method 2: Using backups, you can find Deleted YouTube Videos

The video content on YouTube is getting a lot of attention lately. Some videos are deleted by a user, while many others get uploaded again. YouTube has been making efforts to increase its viewership and popularity by providing a backup option for its videos.

The backup would help you in quickly accessing your video from the site if something happens to your computer. In this case, you can easily access your videos from anywhere relative to where you have them stored on the site and can watch them in any version of YouTube that you want to use. To recover deleted videos, you need to back up your files regularly. It’s not as easy as it sounds and there are many reasons why you might not bother about backups in the first place.

Method 3: Recovery of Deleted YouTube Videos Using Recoverit

Recoverit is a video content management software that lets you quickly recover videos from YouTube and other video hosting services. It allows you to scan through the YouTube video index and find videos that have been deleted by their users or other third parties.

Method 4: Contact the YouTube Support Team

When you think that your videos are deleted by mistake or you accidentally deleted them, but they are still there somewhere, you can contact the YouTube support team to recover them. You can also send the email to the support team. Many people have been complaining about YouTube being unable to restore their videos. YouTube is a popular site that people visit a lot. So, for a while now, there have been many complaints from people who had difficulties with this problem.


There are many video-sharing websites on the internet, but YouTube is the most popular. Millions of users are continuously uploading videos to it each day. However, there are millions of videos that have been deleted by users. YouTube has a robust system for detecting and recovering videos that have been deleted, but there are many tools out there that can be used to recover them.

The tools and methods we discussed are free for you to try. You can use it with your own data or with any data that is stored in the file system of the computer; it does not require any special permissions. The tool can be used with PC, Mac, Android, and mobile phones; the software is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

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